I have a safe contract and I'm trying to sign message with it and verify it,

export async function createSafe() {
  const { daoMember1, daoMember2, daoMember3, daoMember4 } = await getAccounts()

  // Deploy Gnosis Safe master copy contract
  const masterCopyFactory = await ethers.getContractFactory('GnosisSafe')
  const masterCopy = await masterCopyFactory.deploy()

  // Deploy Gnosis Safe proxy factory contract
  const proxyFactoryFactory = await ethers.getContractFactory('GnosisSafeProxyFactory')
  const proxyFactory = await proxyFactoryFactory.deploy()

  // Create Gnosis Safe contract

  const safeProxy = await proxyFactory.createProxy(masterCopy.address, '0x')
  // console.log(safeProxy)
  const transactionReceipt = await safeProxy.wait()
  const proxyAddress = transactionReceipt.events[0].args.proxy
  const safe = await ethers.getContractAt('GnosisSafe', proxyAddress)

  await safe.setup(
    [daoMember1.address, daoMember2.address, daoMember3.address],

  return safe

and here i sign a message and try to verify it:

      const makerMessageHashBinary = ethers.utils.arrayify(makermessageHash)

      //makers signatur(Gnosis safe)
      const sig1 = safe.connect(daoMember1).approveHash(makerMessageHashBinary)

      const isValidSignature = await safe.isValidSignature(makerMessageHashBinary, sig1)

but the problem is :

Property 'isValidSignature' does not exist on type 'GnosisSafe'.

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I think the function you are looking for is checkNSignatures() from what I could tell, the Safe contract does not implement the isValidSignature() function but rather it is defined in an interface which is used to call back to a contract to verify a signature.

Here is the code snippet which might be able to help you out


Here is the documentation as well on pre approved hashs https://docs.safe.global/learn/safe-core/safe-core-protocol/signatures#pre-validated-signatures

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