I have sort of a beginner question, I'm deploying a gnosis safe with three owners and a threshold of 2, and i wanted to sign a message from one of the owners and read somewhere that i should write the code like this:

      const sig1 = safe.connect(daoMember1).signMessage(makerMessageHashBinary)
      const sig2 = safe.connect(daoMember2).signMessage(makerMessageHashBinary)

but gnosis safe contract doesn't have a signMessage function, it has a approveHash function so is this function(approveHahs) the equivalent of sign message in gnosis? and i should change my code to this?

      const sig1 = safe.connect(daoMember1).approveHash(makerMessageHashBinary)
      const sig2 = safe.connect(daoMember2).approveHash(makerMessageHashBinary)

and if you can send me a link to a repo that'd doing the same thing I would appreciate it.


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