Does the deployment of a contract always uses the same amount of gas to deploy on the Ethereum mainnet, regardless of network conditions?

I understand that gas and gas price are two different things, so the final cost of deployment can vary greatly when the cost of gas changes. However, this question is about the amount of gas used.

If I deploy a smart contract when network congestion is low, and then again when network congestion is high, is the same amount of gas always used?

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If the deployment (constructor) doesn't depend on other contracts (or do something other really weird stuff, like do different things based on the current block number) then yes - the used gas amount should always be the same.

This may vary slightly based on the network, since other EVM networks may have different gas prices for different operations. I don't think this happens much yet (except zkEVMs), but might happen more in future networks. But at least within one network the price should stay the same.

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