Token contract: 0x8b11461af2f7bc36ac3bbaff273b08485abe3bba Pair contract: 0x01007f8c2e88626932e30fed121e6090be7015a3

I tried to remove my added liquidity through uniswap however, MetaMask doesn't pop up after I confirm to remove liquidity.

Based on the contracts, does anyone know why I currently can't remove my liquidity?

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You're hitting a require statement somewhere in your code. Hard to say which one without a transaction to check. My guess would be

        // check max wallet
        if (to != pool)
            require(balanceOf(to) + amount <= maxWallet(), "wallet maximum");

In beforeTokenTransfer() (l.539), since it doesnt exempt the owner wallet.

  • And if i'm right, because of the way maxWallet() works, it's gonna be there for quite some time unless you find a workaround. Have fun anyways
    – Foxxxey
    Apr 19, 2023 at 17:10

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