I'm exploring the possibilities given by Transaction Guards in a Safe. And I would like to understand better the concept of Authorization before a Safe Transaction (briefly described here https://help.safe.global/en/articles/5324092-what-is-a-transaction-guard )

My situation is the following:

  • I want to create a Safe with other 3 friends (total user are 4)
  • My 3 friends will be the 3 Owners of the safe (total signatures required 3/3)
  • I would like to be Transaction Guard (my friends live in a different time zone and I can't approve transaction fast enough. But I want to be able to block their transaction in case the amount or destination wallet are not correct. I will automate this process so I don't need to be on a 24/7 watch)

I envision the flow like in this picture flow example

I would like to understand if:

  1. my understanding of the Transaction Guard role is correct. Can this flow be created?
  2. the initiator of the transaction is one of the owners, and my role as a guard is to authorize them to sign and send that transaction. Is this correct?
  3. the authorization from the Transaction Guard is done by signing a smart contract on the blockchain

Thanks for the help.


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