I want to deploy the Safe app on a custom EVM-compatible network using the safe-infrastructure repository.

Based on moisses89’s comment (https://github.com/safe-global/safe-deployments/issues/211#issuecomment-1485365021), I should submit pull requests to the safe-deployments and safe-eth-py repositories, which have now been merged. However, the new version of web-core and other libraries that safe-infrastructure depends on have not been released yet.

In this case, I need to use the admin panel for transaction service with Master Copies and Proxy Factories according to the guide. Could you please tell me how to access the admin panel and set it up for my needs?

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You can watch this video, in the description section there are all the necessary links:

Or you can just copy these )):

  • Safe config admin interface: http://localhost:8000/cfg/admin
  • Safe service admin interface: http://localhost:8000/txs/admin
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