I'm planning to query a tx using a tx hash on Ethereum and get the events/logs to find out the recipient and sender of the ETH. Is it possible to do so for L2 blockchains like Optimism, ZkSync, Polygon, and Arbitrum?

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Is it possible to do so for L2 blockchains like Optimism, ZkSync, Polygon, and Arbitrum?

All EVM-compatible blockchains implement Ethereum's original JSON-RPC API.

This includes

  • Layer 1 chains that are EVM compatible: Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche C-chain, etc.

  • Layer 2: Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync, etc.

You interact with this JSON-RPC API using libraries like Web3.py or Ethers.js.

You will need to have a JSON-RPC full node to read the events. Normal nodes do not store event history, especially if you are using crappy public RPC endpoints.


Yes, L2 EVM-compatible chains support the same JSON RPC methods supported by Ethereum.

You essentially do it the same way; you just need to have access to an endpoint for the L2 chain you are interested in.

Here is a list of a few methods that allow you to retrieve transactions information and logs:

These URLs link to the Polygon API reference, but those methods will work the same way on the other networks you mentioned; just use the corresponding endpoint.

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