Hello !
I tried to run a transaction service locally using this guides:

 "chainId": "43113",
 "chainName": "Avalanche Fuji Testnet",
 "shortName": "avax",
 "description": "",
 "l2": true,
 "rpcUri": {
   "authentication": "NO_AUTHENTICATION",
   "value": "https://api.avax-test.network/ext/C/rpc"
 "safeAppsRpcUri": {
   "authentication": "NO_AUTHENTICATION",
   "value": "https://api.avax-test.network/ext/C/rpc"
 "publicRpcUri": {
   "authentication": "NO_AUTHENTICATION",
   "value": "https://api.avax-test.network/ext/C/rpc"
 "blockExplorerUriTemplate": {
   "address": "https://testnet.snowtrace.io/address/{{address}}",
   "txHash": "https://testnet.snowtrace.io/tx/{{txHash}}",
   "api": "https://api-testnet.snowtrace.io/api?module={{module}}&action={{action}}&address={{address}}&apiKey={{apiKey}}"
 "nativeCurrency": {
   "name": "Avalanche",
   "symbol": "AVAX",
   "decimals": 18,
   "logoUri": "/media/chains/43113/currency_logo.png"
 "transactionService": "http://nginx:8000/txs",
 "vpcTransactionService": "http://nginx:8000/txs",
 "theme": {
   "textColor": "#ffffff",
   "backgroundColor": "#000000"
 "gasPrice": [],
 "ensRegistryAddress": null,
 "recommendedMasterCopyVersion": "1.3.0",
 "disabledWallets": [],
 "features": []

Then I configured the webhooks by this address:
with following values:

  • http://nginx:8000/cgw/v1/chains/43113/hooks/events
  • Basic some_random_token

But when i try to create safe, i saw errors in my console: enter image description here

with error code = 1337 enter image description here

enter image description here

Then i am back to main page and saw more errors in console: enter image description here

And when i try to select my wallet, i saw these errors: enter image description here enter image description here

In the last case, we see that chainid === 43114 instead chainid === 43113 somehow.
But i have only one chain.
What is going on?)))

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We are not the Safe community, but I can provide some guidance.

It appears that your node configuration might be incorrect. Please use the official Avalanche website's settings for the Fuji Testnet:

Network Name: Avalanche Fuji C-Chain
RPC URL: https://api.avax-test.network/ext/bc/C/rpc
ChainID: 43113
Symbol: AVAX
Explorer: https://testnet.snowtrace.io/

Also, double-check the "l2": true value in your configuration, make these changes and see if the errors are resolved.


Hi there!

Looks like I solved this problem myself!

The problem was in:

  • Invalid setting of shortName parameter in chain settings. You need to use the values from the Eip-3779 page;
  • You need to add addresses of smart contracts of master copies and proxy factories on the configuration page. Addresses can be found here.

Also, I recorded a detailed video on setting up the service for Avalanche Fuji C-Chain.

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