if (
                ? _sqrtPriceLimitX96 > _slot0.sqrtPriceX96 ||
                    _sqrtPriceLimitX96 < TickMath.MIN_SQRT_RATIO
                : _sqrtPriceLimitX96 < _slot0.sqrtPriceX96 &&
                    _sqrtPriceLimitX96 > TickMath.MAX_SQRT_RATIO
        ) {
            revert InvalidPriceLimit();

In this code - it is saying that if _zeroForOne is true then keep it beetween _slot0.sqrtPriceX96 and TickMath.MIN_SQRT_RATIO and if false then keep it between _slot0.sqrtPriceX96 and TickMath.MAX_SQRT_RATIO, but what the if condition is saying over it?

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It is checking if the given _sqrtPriceLimitX96 value is valid for the given swap transaction based on the _zeroForOne value.

And if the value is not within the range, the function will revert with an error.

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