I'm trying to test out some sample code for voting in Solidity. What I wanted to try out is if I am able to pass the names of the candidates (as strings) as arguments to the constructor.

The program deploys, but when I try to put in some sample strings as input, it shows this error:

creation of Voting errored:

 Error encoding arguments: Error: types/values length mismatch (count={"types":1,"values":3}, value={"types":["string[]"],"values":["Sam"," Andrew"," Ben"]}, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.5.0)

Is there something wrong with the way I pass the arguments (see screenshot below), or is a string array not supported?

Would very much appreciate any advice! Thanks!

enter image description here

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You're currently giving arguments like this:

"Sam", "Andrew", "Ben"

This works for a constructor like:

constructor(string memory name1, string memory name2, string memory name3)

But your constructor is:

constructor(string[] memory name)

To provide input arguments for your constructor, use this format:

["Sam", "Andrew", "Ben"]

This way, you pass an array with the strings, not separate strings.

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