Just finished a quite old Udemy course where I used web3.js (solidity version was 0.4). I wish to bring myself up to date.

I heard nowadays, ethers.js became the norm. Is it true ? Or are they instances where web3.js is better ?


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Yes, ethers.js has gained popularity in recent years, especially with the rise of Hardhat, which uses ethers.js by default.

Hardhat offers many features that developers love, such as native TypeScript compatibility and console.log support.

Ethers.js is known for its simplicity, it is easy to use, and smaller size, which makes it load faster compared to web3.js.

Given its benefits and current trend, I would recommend learning ethers.js in 2023 👍 🚀


Go with ethers.js.

Check the npm package for ethers.

ethers became the most popular library by reaching 1 million+ weekly downloads, while web3 stills under 700K downloads.


  1. Simple context.
  2. Typescript support.
  3. Easy to learn
  4. The default library for Hardhat framework

web3.js has just released a new version 4 which is more stable, less heavy and includes new features (like plugin builder, ENS, etc)

While ethers still have more downloads its because over the last 3 years, it became more stable and reliable than web3.js, but since this new release, web3.js has a stronger support team and is backed by the Ethereum foundation.


Ethers in my humble opion. Easer to learn, ease to be read by a human, intuitive methods in it's classes and also has mirror in rust.

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