I am researching on the best option to have mutable metadata for NFTs (ERC721 and ERC1155).

What is the best option? Is anybody already using any approach to this?

Tableland has just come to my attention. Is it worth using this solution to update the metadata of my NFTs? Are there more options out there?

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About the first question, it does depend. If you want to change the metadata of just one NFT you need to use ERC721, if you will have some copies of a NFT that will change at the same time ERC1155 it's referred.

About Tableland, you need to think about what solution you prefer to manage your metadata, it will change a lot depending on the use case! Most of the times, maybe you could make it work with your own backend and with AWS S3.

  • Can you please share more information on how to achieve this using a backend and AWS S3? Apr 4 at 2:17

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