my project is Value chain of product , so i need to track every single process in the chain of that product , from Farmer => Transportation => Manufacturer => Distribution => Retailer first step the Farmer will mint a Token based on the product and the quantity where 1Kg of fruit = 1 Token of raw product then the farmer will give that Token to the transportation which will add to that Token a new log of the holder but not the owner because the transport doesn't own the Token just hold it for specific period of time , and the transportation will give that Token to the manufacturer and so on. i had idea to add inside the generated Token a list[] , at every transaction we append the current holder of the Token example TokenList[farmer] ( generated by farmer ) TokenList[farmer,transportation] ( the farmer transfer the Token to the transport ) TokenLIst[farmer,transportation,manufacturer] ( the transport transfer the Token to manufactuer ) TokenList[farmer,transportation,manufacturer,...,...,...,consumer] ( the Token is held by the consumer )

if you have any other suggestion or implementation thanks in advance , the solution is for private besu network the gas fee doesn't really matter


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