I want to detect which wallet provider has been used to connect to a specific dApp.

right now what I'm doing is

const ethereum = window.ethereum;
const web3 = window.web3;

if (ethereum && ethereum.isMetaMask) {
  console.log('Connected to MetaMask');
} else if (web3 && web3.currentProvider && web3.currentProvider.isCoinbaseWallet) {
  console.log('Connected to Coinbase Wallet');
} else if (web3 && web3.currentProvider && web3.currentProvider.isWalletConnect) {
  console.log('Connected to WalletConnect');
} else {
  console.log('Connected to an unknown wallet provider');

but the problem with this approach is, I can't detect which particular wallet has been used to connect to the dApp. When the user has multiple wallet providers installed, both ethereum.isMetaMask and `web3.currentProvider.isCoinbaseWallet may be true, so the above code cannot determine which specific wallet provider was used to connecting to the dapp.

Is there a way to detect the specific wallet provider used by the user when multiple wallet providers are installed? Can I listen for events or access properties to determine the specific wallet provider used by the user?

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This is atm natively not possible.

You could go the other way around:

The way sushi solved this, is by asking you to before connecting which provider you want to use. After choosing, they will open the corresponding wallet provider. Sushi uses use-wallet for that. If you are interested doing it natively, you can check out the use-wallet source code.

If you don't care about using a third-party service:

There is an awesome service called WalletConnect that does this automatically for you. Every wallet I know supports it and it has a good documentation as well as an easy API. It also provides either a standardized UI for easy user recognition but there is also the option that leaves the frontend up to you.

You will just interact with a unified API and don't have to care about the underlying wallet provider anymore.

  • Thanks for the comment bro. But in my use case, I want to know the wallet provider, without any 3rd party library. I need to write a script that does the same with the native browser APIs. Mar 30, 2023 at 7:49
  • Updated the comment accordingly.
    – Throvn
    Mar 30, 2023 at 8:36

The code you share only checks which wallets are available in the browser.

When the user selects which wallet to use, he/she clicks a button with Metamask/coinbase/walletconnect logo, and your code will know what wallet is chosen.

When the user sends an tx, your front-end code sends the following request:

Provider.request(args: RequestArguments): Promise<unknown>;

You should be able to check the provider by calling

  • provider.isMetaMask
  • provider.isCoinbaseWallet
  • provider.isWalletConnect

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