In my crowdsale contract I have provided a claim function for investors to claim their tokens (PULL). No issues with that.

function claim() external nonReentrant {

However, I would like to provide functionality also to deliver their tokens to investors from the contract admin (PUSH). The first idea would be something like this:

function claimAll() external nonReentrant onlyOwner {
    for (uint i = 0; i < investors.length; i++) {

However, this seems to be a bad practice because the unbounded loop.

So I plan to apply Amortisation of Work and move this loop to client side by providing in the contract:

function claimAddress(address investor) external nonReentrant onlyOwner {

then I would need from client side JS something like

for (var i = 0; i < investors.length; i++) {
    await ICO_CONTRACT?.claimAddress(investors[i]).then(processClaimSuccess).catch(handleError);


  • Is this rationale ok? WDYT?
  • How can I run this client side code in ethersJS without opening metamask to sign every single transaction for each investor? Can I sign to bypass metamask? Can I batch all in a single transaction?

Update1: As I read here, it depends on the wallet that holds the private keys used to sign the transaction. If is a metamask account, metamask should be opened. So, for my case, first thing would be to change the owner of the contract to an account in a wallet that allows signing programmatically.


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Why don't you use additional mapping which will store the number of tokens each investor is entitled to

mapping(address => uint256) public entitledTokens;

And rather them sending them one by one just make the smart contract in such a way that they can claim their tokens themselves which will be a much more efficient and better approach

function claimTokens() public {
   erc20.transferFrom(owner, msg.sender, entitledTokens[msg.sender])
  • I do this as well but many tokens will be unclaimed so I want to provide an alternative mechanism that we can control. This is the PULL approach I mentioned at the beginning of my post Mar 28, 2023 at 11:05

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