I read here that Augur's smart contract suite is actually written in Serpent. I'm aware that it is a relatively well supported language at the moment (at least compared to Mutan and LLL), but given that Solidity is thought to overtake all other languages at some point in the future, how problematic is the transition between the two languages likely to be for a platform like Augur?

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If there are no Fundamental limitations between Solidity and Serpent, transitioning from Serpent to Solidity, should be like porting from one language to another, say Python to Javascript. Code has to be rewritten, in some parts of the code the translation is easy, in other parts the porting may require more work: but it should be feasible and practicable.

Writing in Solidity is encouraged because it has a bigger team working on it, but Serpent is unlikely to be deprecated: it is still getting commits from Vitalik Buterin from as recently as 6 days ago from this question being posted. That commit was even titled Added some more features for serenity. Just make sure to check the develop branch of Serpent (not the master branch).

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