I'm new to blockchain and smart contract technology, and I want to build a marketplace to basically sell NFT tickets to shows, but this tickets will be minted by users that wants to re-sell your previous ticket but can't go more for the show.

I saw many videos and tutorials creating a smart contract to store and sell the NFTs, but when I went to OpenSea, grabbing some examples of usability, I saw that in OpenSea, you can sell NFTs from your own contract. My question is if in my case, the more correct is create a smart contract to the marketplace, and the users that want to sell your tickets will mint the NFT in this contract OR if similar to the OpenSea, users will create a contract to the show ticket (similar to Collection creation).

Is there any especification about use cases of this two approachs? Witch will be better to my marketplace?

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In your case, creating a separate smart contract for your marketplace is a better approach than having users create their own contracts, like OpenSea. OpenSea can be too complicated for what you want to do.

A simpler method is to make one contract for the marketplace where users can mint and sell their NFT tickets. This will help manage the tickets more efficiently. Remember to create a specific NFT with an expiry date to protect your users. After the expiry date, the NFT should be burnt or not transferrable.

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