I want to know the total size (in GB or TB) of the database on a node that has a copy of the entire Polygon Mainnet chain, so I can allocate resources for a production instance.

How can I know that? I don't want the recommended size I should have, I want the actual size.

  • Would you explain what exactly do you mean? Are you looking to determine current size of the blockchain?
    – PSS
    Mar 23 at 1:19
  • Yes, current size of the blockchain. Mar 23 at 4:29

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As of March 22, 2023, the total size of Polygon Mainnet is about 1269.05 GB. You can find this information on the Polygon snapshots website: https://snapshots.polygon.technology


Hi developer advocate from Chainstack here.

That depends on the client and the mode of the node(light node/full node/archive node).

To run a full node using Polygon's own bor client takes minimum:

RAM: 16-32 GB
CPU: 8-16 core CPU (For AWS: t3.2xlarge)
Storage: 2.5TB to 5TB SSD (make sure it is extendable)


For an archive node:

RAM: 64 GB
CPU: 16-core CPU
Storage: 10+ TB

Erigon is another popular EVM client, it usually takes fewer resources for archive mode. You can find its system requirement here.

Usually running a node by oneself is quite costly. Syncing a full node will take multiple days, and you need to spend a lot of effort to maintain it. I strongly encourage you to try RPC providers like us instead of setting it up on your own.

It is just much cheaper and hassle-free.

  • Thank you but I just want to know the actual size of the chain in GB. Mar 23 at 4:31
  • The Chain itself can't be measured in the size of storage volume. If you really want a number, 2.5 TB is the minimum storage size required for a bor node according to the official doc. Mar 23 at 4:34
  • Why can't the chain be measured in the size of storage volume? Mar 23 at 5:08
  • A blockchain network is simply multiple connected nodes. Those nodes work together to achieve consensus - meaning the same state for account balance, smart contract, etc. Transactions are packed in blocks, when nodes receive a new block they update their local database. Mar 23 at 5:13
  • 1
    I don't have the exact number right now. The number I provided is actually the minimum system requirement. Base on my best knowledge, you should follow it. Mar 23 at 6:07

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