I'm trying to deploy a subgraph created using the Graph cli tool (following the Building a Subgraph with Subgraph Studio tutorial), but after set the auth key for subgraph studio (graph auth --studio SUBGRAPH_STUDIO_KEY) , run graph codegen && graph build and finally graph deploy --studio explorer-subgraph , I'm getting the following error:

⠦ Deploying to Graph node https://api.studio.thegraph.com/deploy/UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION: Error: Failed to deploy to Graph node https://api.studio.thegraph.com/deploy/: failure retrieving and parsing subgraph mainfest [QmfB6r9yLTYqEjG3VyvaU7jHYCJcAWkxvzY7SaJcfvcQ3P] from IPFS

Where QmfB6r9yLTYqEjG3VyvaU7jHYCJcAWkxvzY7SaJcfvcQ3P is the output of the graph build process

Currently, my subgraph manifest is configured as follows:

specVersion: 0.0.4
  file: ./schema.graphql
  - kind: ethereum/contract
    name: Token
    network: mainnet
      address: "0xabEFBc9fD2F806065b4f3C237d4b59D9A97Bcac7"
      abi: Token
      startBlock: 11565020
      kind: ethereum/events
      apiVersion: 0.0.5
      language: wasm/assemblyscript
        - Token
        - User
        - name: Token
          file: ./abis/Token.json
        - event: TokenURIUpdated(indexed uint256,address,string)
          handler: handleTokenURIUpdated
        - event: Transfer(indexed address,indexed address,indexed uint256)
          handler: handleTransfer
      file: ./src/mapping.ts

An the version of the @graphprotocol/graph-ts dependency that I'm using is: "@graphprotocol/graph-ts": "0.29.1"

Note: I already tried to add the feature: -ipfsOnEthereumContracts as this answer suggests, however it didn't work


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