Parity v2.4.9

I have a private Parity network running Proof of Authority with the Aura consensus mechanism. I am trying to migrate to a Geth PoA network, or any updated client that works (Besu, etc.)

I need to save the chain data, but have run into issues every way I can think of doing it:

  1. Spin up a new node and sync it to the Parity network. Once the chain is synced to the new node, shut down the Parity nodes. Make a network of new nodes. -> Current Parity network uses a Proof of Authority mechanism called Aura. Geth and Besu only support the Proof of Authority mechanism Clique. Nodes cannot be synced to a network with an unsupported consensus mechanism.

  2. Switch consensus methods on the current Parity network to Clique. Add new nodes and sync the chain. Shut down old nodes. -> Changing the consensus mechanism modifies the Parity chain config file, which will require starting a new chain.

  3. Export chain with Parity CLI command to .rlp file. Spin up a new Geth node. Import chain (.rlp file) with Geth CLI command. Start Geth network with imported chain data. -> The EC2 is returning Parity not found when trying to run any commands, despite Parity running as a service on the machine. There is scarce documentation online for Parity since the developers replaced it all with OpenEthereum docs.

  4. Copy blockchain data folder from Parity network and paste into Geth network. Start Geth network. -> Database structure is different

Any help with the ways I tried above or new approaches are much appreciated.


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