getting beacon node below error after upgrading lighthouse client to v3.5.1 from v3.3.0.

CRIT Failed to start beacon node reason: Failed to build beacon chain: Error loading finalized block: HotColdDBError(MissingFullBlockExecutionPayloadPruned(0xd17c76101803ceb7e83e0bca634b7822154db93fda8650dc7184cebaa07542f8, Slot(5193632))) INFO Internal shutdown received reason: Failed to start beacon node

  • I have the same issue when moved database and environment to other host. INFO Database version: 16 and Lighthouse v4.0.1-a53830f
    – Igor
    Commented Jun 7, 2023 at 18:58

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I had the same issue. This is an answer from the lighthouse developer michaelsproul.

Just run lighthouse with --purge-db and --checkpoint-sync-url with one of the necessary nodes

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