I'm trying to shave off a few thousand GAS from a transaction. I have the following struct in a mapping:

struct Data{
    uint8[4] a
    uint8[4] b
    bytes5 z; 
mapping(uint => Data) public data;

example update function:

function update(uint _x, uint8 _y, bytes5 _z) public returns (bool){
    data[_x].z= _z;

    return (data[_x].a[_y] < data[_x].b[_y]);

The function needs to update z, increment one of the values of a, and compare it to the corresponding value of b. returning a bool of whether or not the latter is greater than the former.

Just updating the above seems to cost about 40,000 GAS, (not including the read/comparison). it seems high given its all much less than 256 bits. I've played around with a few things but can't seem to get the gas costs any lower. Am I missing something?

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    Share the code of how you are trying to update them Mar 14, 2023 at 12:24


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