I'm unsure if this is the correct place to ask but I thought I'd try anyway.


I want to build a Node.js application using the Web3 library. The application should collect prices on liquidity pools on PancakeSwap in real-time. To do that, I want to receive IUniswapV2Pair Sync events directly from the blockchain (Binance mainnet) over a WebSocket connection without using any third-party token pricing APIs. Since I would like to add a couple of hundred liquidity pools, I have to subscribe to quite a few events.

I have tried a few popular providers, such as QuickNode, ChainStack, and GetBlock but they use up credits per WebSocket response (which is sometimes quite hidden because a "request" in their terms can also mean a WebSocket response).


Is there a provider that doesn't bill per WebSocket response but only per request that I make (or something similar) so I don't have to pay more when more transactions are made? Ideally, it should also support other chains but Binance smart chain would be enough.

Or do I have to run my own light node to perform this kind of task?


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You can leverage dedicated nodes on Chainstack with unlimited calls included

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