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We trying to know precisely the number of gas used by a Txn, before the Txn be mine We not talking about calcule estimateGas. For example of this Txn : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3db346e92e27ba7e887fab489420717f4736ddf39da50a1c6296e66b4d5552a2

43,725 was used : How to calcule it before we send Txn?

Associed to Paper of Ethereum :

gasLimit = Gtransaction + Gtxdatanonzero × dataByteLength

enter image description here

Ok really ? for the Tx provided :

Gtransaction = 21000

Gtxdatanonzero = 28

dataByteLength(without 0x) = 136

GasLimit = 21000 + 28 x 136 = 24808 [error]

Associed to this link : https://growingdata.com.au/how-to-calculate-gas-fees-on-ethereum/

To this answer : How do you calculate gas limit for transaction with data in Ethereum?

There is a problem.

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