My USDCs were in the Genosys safe wallet, and I connected the Genosys to Orbiter and bridged from Optimism to Zksync. But now I found out that Ginosys wallet doesn't have ZkSync network 😐 I mean, where has my money gone now? :( I bridged with the Ginosys Safe multi-signature wallet. And now I noticed that in the Ginosys Safe wallet, the addresses of networks like Metamask are not all the same. That is, when I connect to Zksync with the ethereum address in Ginosys Safe, there is nothing in it txhash is:https://optimistic.etherscan.io/tx/0xc2b61585e38732df014ff1036f5bde9938dc57078a4baa6c8a9f491d54d0f980


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Out of the 3 owners, there is not funds in zksync network 0x568fda4ff42c59fd47c8f7f96a7821a20832b85e 0x2cc2a7bb82e71f117ac388d074d399cd061d7c53 0x0f09a1727442f3d832791545dbdc16a7dc2947f6 During bridging in methodId you have put the to address to 0x7f5c764cbc14f9669b88837ca1490cca17c31607 and refund receiver address is 0x0. So, I don't know exactly what type of transaction is this.

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