I have used high optimize runs as 999999999 while deploying contract.. I need to verify contract on etherscan but it has range from 0-1000000 .. what should i do?

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You should be able to verify using truffle. Take a look at this article. Remember to change settings as required in truffle-config.js file. Note: command to run for already deployd contract truffle run verify SimpleStorage@0x61C9157A9EfCaf6022243fA65Ef4666ECc9FD3D7 --network mainnet enter image description here

  • but truffle is using etherscan API....i have tried etherscan api plugin in REMIX and other platform...etherscan api has also limits for optimization runs as 0 to 1000000 Mar 6 at 7:07
  • in truffle config you can put runs as required. To verify in etherscan of course you have to use etherscan api, verification of contract is not done in blockchain.
    – Safi
    Mar 6 at 7:36

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