I wonder if someone use Wagmi hooks for Ethereum and it's caching mechanism. Since docs doesn't say much about it (Wagmi docs) can somebody explain me how it acutualy works? If i use useContractRead with scopeKey: 'myScope' and caching cacheTime: 1000*60*10 // 10 minutes then every time my component mounts it should first read the cache and return a cached value instead of using RPC to get value from blockchain, right? Well if it should, then it doesn't work, because every time I switch page I can see that my local hardhat is being asked for values. This means it can drain out RPC query limit very fast. How should I use cacheTime? Maybe I should also use staleTime?

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Both have almost similar but not same functionality, stalTime can serve your purpose but still it fetches the data on mount and dismount. You can have a look here to get more insights


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