Suppose, your contract has something like

if (_balances[account] >= someNumber) {
    _balances[account] = _balances[account] - _balances[account]/10;

What is the gas cost of this operation? I guess, if the mapping _balances has a lot of entries, let's say millions of entries, then a search in such mappings could cost a lot of gas. Is it possible to estimate how much gas the above code consumes given the length of _balances? (Note that I'm not interested in the actual $ cost, but the amount of gas units regardless of gas price)

  • What type is _balances?
    – Ismael
    Feb 26, 2023 at 1:42

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Check out the gas cost bellow. It should be the same regardless of how many users they are there. Mapping works a bit differently then list and it doesn't iterate through the multiple number of data like you would have to in case if a list. There is a reason why mappping data is not iterable.

enter image description here

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