I want to call another contract's function when I call a function in my contract and send my msg.value to the other function. Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve:

function execute(address _target, bytes[] memory _payload) {
    _target.call(_payload, value = msg.value); 

How do I send the msg.value of the execute() function to _target in the .call() function?

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You can use that contract interface to execute the function easily. To send ETH the function must be payable. Eg

interface Target {
  function someFunction() external payable;

contract MainContract {
  Target public target;

  constructor(address _tragetAddress) {
    target = Target(_targetAddress);
  function execute() public {
    uint256 ethAmountToSend = address(this).balance;


Here target.someFunction{value:ethAmountToSend}() will send ETH to the target contract.

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