I know that offchain means the logic is stored out side of blockchain. So a contract is deployed to the onchain, and my offchain logic can't be in the contract, if it is in contract then it will be onchain as the contract will be deployed to onchain eventually. For example the logic could be in jsx file, right?? correct me if i am wrong somewhere.

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One common way to implement off-chain logic with on-chain smart contracts is through the use of oracle services. Oracles act as intermediaries between the blockchain and external systems, allowing off-chain data to be incorporated into on-chain smart contracts. This can be done by having the smart contract call out to an oracle service, which retrieves the off-chain data and provides it to the smart contract.

Another way to implement off-chain logic with smart contracts is to use a layer 2 solution such as state channels or sidechains. These solutions allow for more complex off-chain logic to be performed, with the results being periodically reconciled on-chain.

In terms of the specific example you mentioned, JSX (JavaScript XML) is typically used in the context of web development, and would not typically be used for implementing off-chain logic for smart contracts. However, you could potentially use other programming languages or frameworks such as JavaScript or Python to write off-chain logic that interacts with on-chain smart contracts.

  • is multisig a state channel?
    – Hacek
    Commented Feb 26, 2023 at 5:34

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