Modular EVM based blockchain have multiple layers. mainly consensus layer and execution layer.

Execution layer options: Besu Erigon Go Ethereum Nethermind

consensus clients options: Lighthouse Lodestar Nimbus Prysm Teku

my question is: when we make a private blockchain with go-ethereum, what consensus client we use by default, i don't get any option for consensus, and private blockchain just started. where we setup consensus layer ?

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Consensus layer with PoS have replaced the PoW consensus alghoritm.

Usually private chains relies on PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus alghoritm, where one ore more nodes are validators that can produce new blocks. PoA blockchains are useful for private networks because you don't need a crypto/token economy to make users able to use them (or you can have your private crypto/token to enable them). So, usually, you don't need a consensus client on private blockchains, as the consensus is possible by PoA and it's provided by the same client.

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