I am using ethers and writing tests and I don't quite understand the ethers.BigNumber.from('some number') method. Could someone please explain how it works, the documentation is not very helpful to me.
For example: console.log(ethers.BigNumber.from('30') < ethers.BigNumber.from('120'));

returns "false"

Why is BigNumber from 30 greater than BigNumber from 120?

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I exactly ran into the same problem. You should use the built.in methods in bignumber:

let a = ethers.BigNumber.from('30');
let b = ethers.BigNumber.from('120');
 a.lt(b) // returns true  as 30 is lower than (lt) 120

Here you use lt (lower than), you can use:

  • eq: equal
  • gte: greater or equal
  • gt: greater
  • lte: lower or equal
  • lt: lower

Hope it helps

  • oh thank you very much! Feb 18, 2023 at 17:21

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