As shown here, is is possible to read the code of a contract using plain Solidity by using the .code member of the address type:

contract GetCode {
    function at(address _addr) public view returns (bytes memory o_code) {
        return _addr.code;

Does this return any code for precompiles?

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The answer is no - The .code member does not return the code for precompiled addresses.

Let's take the following examples:

pragma solidity >=0.8.18;

contract Foo {
    function getCode1() external view returns (bytes memory) {
        address addr1 = address(1);
        return addr1.code;

    function getCode2() external view returns (bytes memory) {
        address addr2 = address(2);
        return addr2.code;

Calling either getCode1 or getCode2 returns a zero bytes array.

For more information about precompiles, see this other Q&A here on StackExchange: List of pre-compiled contracts.

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