Trying to migrate my contract but not going according to plan. getting this error

"TypeError: tether.transfer is not a function
at module.exports (C:\Users\user\defi-staking-app-starter\defi-staking-app-starter\migrations\2_deploy_contracts.js:23:16)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
Truffle v5.1.39 (core: 5.1.39)
Node v10.15.3"

below is the 2_deploy_contracts.js file

const RWD = artifacts.require('RWD')

const Tether = artifacts.require('Tether')

const DecentralBank = artifacts.require('DecentralBank')

module.exports = async function(deployer, network, accounts) {

// Deploy Mock Tether Token

await deployer.deploy(Tether)

const tether = await Tether.deployed()

// Deploy RWD Token

await deployer.deploy(RWD)

const rwd = await RWD.deployed()

// Deploy DecentralBank

await deployer.deploy(DecentralBank, rwd.address, tether.address)

const decentralBank = await DecentralBank.deployed()

// Transfer all RWD tokens to Decentral Bank

await rwd.transfer(decentralBank.address, '1000000000000000000000000')

//distribute 100 Tether to investor

await tether.transfer(accounts[2], '1000000000000000000000000')

if i remove await tether.transfer(accounts[2], '1000000000000000000000000') then it migrates successfully, i dont know why?


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