I need to retain not only the most recent 128 block in full mode but e.g. last 1000 blocks for my purposes. The greater the value of reexec the longer the tracing will take because more blocks have to be re-executed to regenerate the target state. So I want to make it much faster by saving more latest blocks. Also I have no need to use archive mode cause it takes a lot of space. To summer up, my goal is to improve geth source code.

I've changed only TriesInMemory (core/blockchain.go) and defaultTraceReexec (eth/tracers/api.go) vars but it's not enough I guess

  • how do you know it is not enough? what is your proof?
    – Nulik
    Feb 10, 2023 at 14:50

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I needed to wait more time. So, now everything works fine after just changing these two params TriesInMemory and defaultTraceReexec. Maybe this will help someone in the future

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