i have an old SAFE contract (0x4ae977522BFcD61c3d537D088B7AA0A7dF8ad2eF) on ethereum. I'm now eligible for the optimism airdrop. Unfortunately, for claiming this airdrop i have to connect my safe (0x4ae977522BFcD61c3d537D088B7AA0A7dF8ad2eF) with optimism. I've tried to create the same address on optimism (i've followed this 2 tutorials)

Unfortunately the "recovery" didn't work. An error occurs when i try to create the address: "A Status code indicating if the top-level call succeeded or failed (applicable for Post BYZANTIUM blocks only). Here you can find the tx: https://optimistic.etherscan.io/tx/0xa46871fb4f2526827b9f001a446155ccec36db951de1fc6252eff2d46ec263e4

Any ideas?


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