I'm interested in running a EL+CL node on a testnet to aid development. Can I turn it off overnight?

I assume it de-registers itself gracefully from the network so I'm guessing the problem will be synching on each boot. I have CAT6 and ~132Mbit broadband. It'll need to catch-up usually 12h of blocks.

I just need a ballpark; to find peers and catch up a day's testnet activity, is it 20 minutes or 2 hours on each restart?

Optional bonus question: what about a mainnet node?


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Yes you can turn a node off overnight.

As long as you gracefully shut it down (can take a few minutes). A forced shutdown can damage the database if a recent state was being written to the disk. That would require you to resync the entire database.

If you are just catching up for the Goerli testnet I would expect this to be less than 15min for 12 hrs.

The mainnet handles 15-20x more transactions per day and you thus this process could take 15-20x longer. Turning off the main net would hurt your staking and is not advised.

Hope that gives you some idea what to expect.


My computer can catch up to BSC mainnet at about 3-4 times realtime (about 3-4 hours caught up for every hour running). BSC is about a zillion times more demanding than any Ethereum testnet could hope to be, so you should have no problem.

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