I've been looking everywhere for this error and I can't figure out how to get my node to start. I'm developing a private network using Puppeth and I'm trying to connect my nodes to the Amazon EC2 instance via commands defined by Geth.

After the creation of the nodes and the related network configuration (in my case PoA), I'm trying to run my command with the following parameters:

geth --datadir node1 --syncmode full --port 30310 --networkid 1122 --miner.gasprice 0 --miner.gastarget 470000000000 --ipcdisable --http --http.addr "AWS_istance_IPaddress" --http.corsdomain 'star' --http.port 8545 --http.vhosts 'star' --http.api admin,eth,miner,net,txpool,personal,web3 --mine --allow-insecure-unlock --unlock "0x0841A33063c500399d19262D0540A919A3beCf1B" --bootnodes enode://755bb45c819f9e31363dccccf705f3f3504809c60a5e442448f0fd27cbc952531717d49612f4941aaf2f06e93dbea7a7040b4455ed97765cdc5a824b7c1ccfdc@

Once this command is run, the console returns:


These are my security details, the ports I've set to listen for and the protocols. The instance is running, so there shouldn't be any issues on the Amazon side...

enter image description here

At the origin, as you can see I put "Everywhere" so the base address comes out. Also...when I try to ping my Amazon instance address, it doesn't work. Packages not arriving?

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance


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