I'm getting CompilerError: Stack too deep. Try compiling with `--via-ir` (cli) or the equivalent `viaIR: true` (standard JSON) while enabling the optimizer. Otherwise, try removing local variables. this error. According to solidity docs I need to add "viaIR": true option but I can't add the same option to the brownie-config.yaml file. Here is the file: compiler: viaIR: true solc: version: 0.8.17 optimizer: enabled: true runs: 200


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Add viaIR to your brownie configuration (only on master branch of brownie at the time of writing)

$> cat brownie-config.yaml
    # viaIR option has been added in 0.8.13, you can adjust the version your need
    version: 0.8.13
    viaIR: True

See for more information https://github.com/eth-brownie/brownie/issues/1477

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