I have a smart contract and i want a function (transaction) only be called if two addresses agree (maybe signs it or whatever), How can i solve this ? should i use Gnosis Safe to create a multisig wallet and send the transaction with that wallet ? or i can implement it directly into the function logic ?

PS: if only the first alternative is possible do someone have a resource on how to do it since Safe documentation is very bad ?

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Something like this?

bool addressOnePermision;
bool addressTwoPermision;

function setaddressOnePermision(bool _addressOnePermision) public {
    addressOnePermision = _addressOnePermision;

function setaddressOnePermision(bool _addressTwoPermision) public {
    addressTwoPermision = _addressTwoPermision;

function store() public {

    //your logic here

    addressOnePermision = false;
    addressTwoPermision = false;

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