I would like to play with safe-cli (at commit 6d440943c08d31bf68f8f6e7a6c67c71938a6caa) on a local development chain. I don't know how to solve this error and I am stuck.

Set up with safe-contracts and hardhat:

$ cd safe-contracts/
$ yarn hardhat --network hardhat deploy
$ yarn hardhat node

Then in a new terminal (this private key is well-known don't worry)

$ safe-creator http://localhost:8545 0x1ab42cc412b618bdea3a599e3c9bae199ebf030895b039e9db1e30dafb12b727 --proxy-factory 0x914d7Fec6aaC8cd542e72Bca78B30650d45643d7 --safe-contract 0x654a3298C9C0E319094a62034dbe87D7336310E3 --callback-handler 0x92E6f1002fA3ac7239f958b4A9f9cE297b780AF5

The error is in this gist.

createProxyWithNonce should return the address of a newly-created Safe which is a proxy contract. What's happening and what can I do?


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