I have deployed a smart contract in ganache-cli. How can I interact with it using remix? Currently remix is saying "No compiled contracts found." when I try to load my smart contract with deployed address. Thank you for any kind of suggestions.

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To interact with your smart contract deployed in ganache-cli using Remix, you need to make sure that Remix is connected to the same Ethereum network as your ganache-cli instance. Here are the steps:

Open Remix in your web browser.

Go to the "Run" tab.

In the "Environment" dropdown, select "Web3 Provider".

In the "Web3 Provider Endpoint" field, enter the URL of your ganache-cli instance. This is usually "http://localhost:8545" but you can check in your ganache as well it might be 7545 as well.

Click "Connect".

Once connected, you should be able to load your smart contract using its deployed address and ABI (Application Binary Interface).

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