I'm currently looking at the DAO.sol contract and I cannot find:

  • the specific permission I need for the deposit function (so that I can deposit assets into the DAO).
  • any withdraw function so that I can withdraw assets from the DAO.

Using the new aragonOSx protocol, how would I go about doing such things?

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In regards to deposit, anyone can deposit assets into a DAO. You don't need any specific permission to do that.


Withdrawing of course is riskier, so permissions are needed.

The way you would withdraw is actually calling on the execute function from the DAO.sol contract. So in order to call it, the address needs the EXECUTE permission.

You would then call something like this:

  • If you want to simply transfer ETH, you would add an action like { to: recipientAddress, value: ethAmount, data: null }
  • If you want to transfer an ERC20, you would add an action like { to: tokenContractAddress, value: 0, data: "<encoded-transfer(to, value)>"}
  • If you want to send an NFT, same as above.
  • If you want to swap Uniswap tokens, you would encode { to: uniswapPoolAddr, value: 0, data: "<encoded-swap(...)>" }

All of these actions you can encode and decode using the aragonOSx SDK (https://github.com/aragon/sdk).

Withdraw Examples

Here's an example of how to set it when you want to transfer funds upon a proposal approval:

proposal.actions = [
   { to: recipient, value },   // ETH
   { to: daiContract, value: 0, data: abiEncode(transfer, ...) },  // ERC20
   // ...

Here's an example of how it can be set up within a plugin: code snippet (Thank you @AbuUsama for the code snippet!)

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