I have a public DApp that has a backend admin. The backend admin calls protected methods on the smart contracts of the DApp. There already is a public user-facing web3 app, as well as a private administrative web3 app. Both of those are working fine.

The admins would like to interact with the administrative functions via a multi-sig wallet like Gnosis Safe.

One way to allow this would be to import the DApp into the Gnosis Safe system. However, that would require that the contracts be audited. As that may not happen for some time, that doesn't provide an immediate solution.

Another way is to interact with the contract methods directly, using the Gnosis Safe interface, whereby we paste the abi and call the methods directly. That's not terrible, but it's not the most convenient either, as the abi needs to be pasted for every new transaction batch. It's good as a one-time fix, but not great as a permanent solution.

  1. An ideal solution for this type of problem would be to be able to privately import the DApp into the Gnosis system, whereby it would be available only to the signers of the Safe. Is there any way to do that?

  2. A less-than-ideal but still workable solution would be to set up the Safe in some way that it permanently stores the abis for my contracts, so that the admins would not need to paste or upload the abis for every single transaction.

Are either of these possible now, or might they be in the near future? Or is there a third solution that I'm missing? Might WalletConnect be involved in some other possibility?


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