I'm trying to replicate the PancakeswapV2 getAmountOut function in Javascript using ethers.BigNumbers as follows (the code in the comment is ad-verbatum from PancakeswapLibrary)

function getTokensOut(_amountIn, _reserve0, _reserve1) {
            uint amountInWithFee = amountIn.mul(998);
            uint numerator = amountInWithFee.mul(reserveOut);
            uint denominator = reserveIn.mul(1000).add(amountInWithFee);
            amountOut = numerator / denominator;
        const amountInWithFee = _amountIn.mul(ethers.BigNumber.from(998))
        const numerator = amountInWithFee.mul(_reserve1)
        const denominator = _reserve0.mul(1000).add(amountInWithFee)
        return numerator.div(denominator)

For whatever reason, however, the values returned from the above function are quite a bit different from those returned from the Solidity code using the same input (or via Pancake Router, or using an "infinite" precision calculator [which btw, gives the same result as Solidity]

For instance:

_amountIn: 500000000000000000
_reserve0: 508182386709642941160
_reserve1: 138068946110314350251292627

Using the above function returns:


but Solidity / Pancake Router / Infinite Precision Calculator all return


What's the explanation for this, and more importantly, how does the above Javascript function need to be corrected for it to return the correct results?

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Found the problem: the Pancakeswap Library on github uses 998/1000 to calculate the fees, but the deployed contract uses 9975/10000. With this adjustment the function is working fine.

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