I have s constructor that takes a bytes32 parameter and assign its value to the jobID variable

contract APIConsumer {

    bytes32 public jobId;

    constructor( bytes32 _jobId) {
        jobId = _jobId;

But when I pass the value "ec013753fda740f8bc74a966daea0723" in the constructor it assign this value to the jobId variable "0x00000000000000000000000000000000ec013753fda740f8bc74a966daea0723" I want to know why it adds those zeros and how to fix it (make it assign the same value passed in the parameters and do not add zeros).

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This is intended behavior, the value is padded right ( = zeroes are added to the left of your number to fill the entire 32 bytes). I don't think you actually want to "fix" this, but if you do, you could use a byte array instead, like so:

bytes public jobId;

constructor( bytes  memory _jobId) {
    jobId = _jobId;

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