I have a fully synchronized node that has been working successfully for the last week. But since yesterday I started noticing oddities. It was constantly out of sync, as if it was not receiving new blocks. The last time I noticed it was half an hour ago. It's already 20 hours, I didn't keep up. I use prysm as a beacon client, it is fully synchronized. The number of peers is kept at around 500. here is the command I use to launch the node: geth --maxpeers=500 --syncmode=full --datadir=/ethereum/execution --http --http.api eth,net,engine,admin,web3

My node works via systemctl, and to fix this situation I have to restart the service manually. Then the node starts to synchronize slowly with approximately the following messages: INFO [01-25|22:40:34.167] Imported new chain segment blocks=2 txs=234 mgas=29.916 elapsed=12.299s mgasps=2.432 number=16,480,485 hash=104d9c..ff9b9a age=20h25m47s dirty=161.94MiB

Importing two blocks at a time is very slow, despite the huge number of peers. What's the matter, what's wrong with the node?

  • that is too many peers, unless you have 256 RAM and 32 CPU cores you can't use 500 peers. stick to default 16 peers
    – Nulik
    Jan 26 at 0:45


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