sqrtPricex96 on a Uniswap V3 swap-event can be used to calculate the token1/token0 price.

I'm not asking how to do this conversion. Instead I'm asking which token1/token0 price does this represent?

  1. the average price paid by the swapper
  2. the new price of (the first concentrated available liquidity) of the pool after swap

Thinking 2. since 1. can be calculated by amount0/amount1 from the same swap-event. Is this correct?

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sqrtPricesX96 for a evetn swaap is the price of the pool after swap

Here a screenshot from uniswap doc: enter image description here

See docs from Uniswap https://docs.uniswap.org/contracts/v3/reference/core/interfaces/pool/IUniswapV3PoolEvents#swap

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