I have this code...

            try IERC165(_token.assetContract).supportsInterface(0x80ac58cd) returns (bool supported721) {
                require(!supported721, "!TokenType");
                try IERC165(_token.assetContract).supportsInterface(0xd9b67a26) returns (bool supported1155) {
                    require(!supported1155, "!TokenType");
                } catch Error(string memory) {}
            } catch Error(string memory) {}      

and a contract that does not implement ERC165.

How can I modify the code so it does not fail when it tries to run the first line?

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If you want to avoid the contract breaking, you could delete the require()statement and change to something like:

if (supported721) then {
//do if is supported
} else {
// do if is not supported

Hope it helps

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