when ever i mint an nft with my frontend dapp and check it on opensea i will just see the name without the nft image. here is my deploy.js file. this is the tutorial i am following https://dev.to/rounakbanik/writing-an-nft-collectible-smart-contract-2nh8

async function main() {
    const baseTokenURI = "ipfs://QmfQHRsTrFN9tHVjsZ3aM2L225aUxk73LX2fFFa2GEPZ9y/";

    // Get owner/deployer's wallet address
    const [owner] = await hre.ethers.getSigners();

    // Get contract that we want to deploy
    const contractFactory = await hre.ethers.getContractFactory("AnezichukwuNFT");

    // Deploy contract with the correct constructor arguments
    const contract = await contractFactory.deploy(baseTokenURI);

    // Wait for this transaction to be mined
    await contract.deployed();

    // Get contract address
    console.log("Contract deployed to:", contract.address);

    // Reserve NFTs
    let txn = await contract.reserveNFTs();
    await txn.wait();
    console.log("5 NFTs have been reserved");

    // Mint 3 NFTs by sending 0.003 ether
    txn = await contract.mintNFTs(3, { value: utils.parseEther('0.003') });
    await txn.wait()

    // Get all token IDs of the owner
    let tokens = await contract.tokensOfOwner(owner.address)
    console.log("Owner has tokens: ", tokens);


    .then(() => process.exit(0))
    .catch((error) => {
    }); ```

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In metadata, you gave image attribute the wrong value (x.png). If you want Opensea to find your image you should provide a public uri to your image as the value.

Usually you first upload the image to ipfs and then add the ipfs uri to the image tag like so "image": "ipfs://QmfQHRsTrFN9tHVjsZ3aM2L225aUxk73LX2xxxxxxxxxx"

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